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Our staff welcomes the opportunity to chat with you about your vision for your family’s philanthropy. They are skilled in helping families just like yours give efficiently, effectively and meaningfully to their favorite charitable causes. They can help you establish your family’s charitable approach and connect you to the community foundation’s vast knowledge and nonprofit resources. They are also skilled at working with professional advisors, so feel free to have your wealth managers, attorneys, accountants and trust officers join in on the family philanthropy conversation, too.

Our Donor-Advised Funds Team

Margaret MedzieMargaret Medzie
Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Laura FinkLaura Fink
Director of Development & Professional Advisor Relations

Melina Boyce
Database & Grants Administrator and IT Manager

Delinda HermanDelinda Herman
Development & Donor Engagement Assistant

The Full Akron Community Foundation Team


John T. Petures Jr.

President and CEO

John T. Petures Jr.John has championed the transformation of Akron Community Foundation into a more donor-centric organization. During the past six years alone, the community foundation has generated nearly $80 million in new contribution revenue while establishing nearly 240 new funds. Grants and distributions in the most recent year also exceeded $11 million, the highest total in the community foundation’s history. John leads an 20-person team to build lasting relationships with donors, fundholders, board members and community leaders while promoting permanent philanthropy for the good of our community.

De Shawn Pickett

Executive Assistant

De Shawn PickettDe Shawn is the first face and voice of the community foundation when guests walk in the door of our transformed headquarters. She is the liaison to the president and CEO and coordinates the day-to-day administration of the community foundation’s operations. She also coordinates our annual meeting each summer and the Bert A. Polsky Humanitarian Award dinner in the fall.

Development & Donor Engagement

Margaret Medzie

Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Margaret MedzieAs leader of the development and donor engagement department, Margaret helps charitable people, families and organizations give efficiently, effectively and meaningfully to their favorite causes and charities, not just today but forever. She connects them to the community foundation’s vast knowledge and nonprofit resources, introduces them to like-minded philanthropists, and – through the power of endowment – ensures their good work continues forever through a fund in their name.

Laura Fink

Director of Development & Professional Advisor Relations

Laura FinkLaura meets with potential fundholders to discover their philanthropic passions and show them how they can do great things through the community foundation. She also leads the Professional Advisor Council made up of wealth managers, trust officers, attorneys and accountants to create giving opportunities that are simple and accessible for fundholders.

Renee Scherick

Major Gifts Officer

Renee ScherickRenee uses her event and volunteer expertise to grow our seven Initiative Funds by providing development direction for their operations and endowment-building activities. “What I love about ACF is the way they support so many different issues in the community, including those specific to women and girls through the Women’s Endowment Fund.”

Diane Schumaker

Scholarships & Grants Administrator

Diane SchumakerDiane manages all of the community foundation’s scholarship funds and works with local schools to administer each scholarship. She also drafts language for new fund agreements and processes the community foundation’s agency endowment and designated fund distributions.

Melina Boyce

Database & Grants Administrator and IT Manager

Melina BoyceMelina is responsible for processing all of the community foundation’s donor-advised grant requests and performing the due diligence required for each nonprofit organization. She also manages the community foundation’s database to ensure records are kept up to date with accurate information. In addition, her role as system administrator requires her to manage the computer network and provide technical support to employees.

Gayle Glanville

Affiliate Fund Liaison

Gayle GlanvilleGayle works closely with the volunteers who devote their time, talent and energy to the promotion of our seven affiliate funds, facilitating their work and maximizing their impact through the community foundation’s professional staff and resources.

Delinda Herman

Development & Donor Engagement Assistant

Delinda HermanSupporting the development and donor engagement staff, Delinda is responsible for providing database management, donor relations and general administrative support. She records important information about donors, their families and their interest areas.

Community Investment

John Garofalo

Vice President, Community Investment

John GarofaloIn partnership with the other community investment staff, John keeps a pulse on what is happening with the nonprofit community in Akron. He works with nonprofits to determine what their most pressing needs are and advises them as they create a compelling grant request. He also oversees the grant distribution process for all of the community foundation’s affiliate funds.

Teresa LeGrair

Director of Community Investment

Teresa LeGrairWith her vast experience and knowledge of the community, Teresa provides the Community Investment Committee with the information it needs to make quality grant-making decisions. She is also responsible for cultivating relationships with nonprofits in the community so she can continue to have a high-level understanding of the needs, resources and opportunities in Summit County.

Brian Reitz

Agency Endowment & Engagement Officer

Brian ReitzBrian enhances the community foundation’s services for agency endowment and designated fundholders, including stewardship, endowment building and other nonprofit training. Additionally, he educates nonprofits about the benefits of establishing an endowment fund and cultivates relationships in the community to better understand nonprofit needs, resources and opportunities to ensure their good work continues forever.

Kim Nott

Grants Administrator

Kim NottKim administers the community foundation’s seven issue-specific grant programs and processes all of the quarterly grant distributions from the Community Fund. She also handles the administrative duties for the community investment department. Kim loves being part of an organization that has a wide reach in the community and plays an important role in supporting a variety of nonprofit organizations and their missions.

Marketing & Communications

Tracy Burt

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Tracy BurtTracy promotes the community foundation to its fundholders, donors and the general public through a variety of mixed media. She manages the community foundation’s online and social media presence, in addition to writing and designing many of its printed materials. She also helps fundholders leverage community foundation resources to build their brand and reach in the community.

Kristen Ashby

Research & Communications Specialist

Kristen AshbyKristen works closely with the community foundation’s seven Initiative Funds to write, edit and design their newsletters, event materials, press releases and other publications. She also edits community foundation materials and assists with special event communications.

Arielle Campanalie

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Arielle CampanalieWith her dual marketing and journalism background, Arielle’s expertise is put to use managing the community foundation’s day-to-day advertising, media relations and e-communication activities. In addition, she works closely with the development department on a variety of projects, including providing marketing support to affiliate funds..

Chris Miller

Communications & Community Investment Officer

Chris MillerChris shares the unique stories of our fundholders and grantees using the power of video, photography and social media. As the editor of our community news site, Akronist.com, Chris gives voice to local residents and nonprofits making an impact daily throughout our community. He also assists in our grant process.

Kinsey Ury

Executive Assistant, Marketing

Kinsey UryKinsey supports the marketing and communications staff, assisting with vendor coordination and marketing accounts payable, email and news tracking, and timeline management. Kinsey manages the day-to-day tasks and upkeep of the department, which allows the marketing team to do what they do best: share the stories of Greater Akron’s generous individuals and organizations and the charitable services available to them through Akron Community Foundation.


Steve Schloenbach

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Steve SchloenbachSteve maintains the integrity of the community foundation’s financial and accounting systems. He is always accessible to fundholders who want to discuss their financial statements or other fund activity. He works diligently to preserve the transparency of the community foundation.

Dennis Jansky

Director of Accounting & Administration

Dennis JanskyDennis handles all of the community foundation’s daily accounting and expenses. He also assists with quarterly and annual financial activities. Throughout the year, Dennis assists the community foundation’s Initiative Funds with their fundraisers and events. He also manages many of our human resources responsibilities.

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Margaret Medzie
Margaret Medzie Vice President and Chief Development Officer
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