Donor-Advised Funds Through Akron Community Foundation

Since 1986 we’ve established more than 200 donor-advised funds.

For more than 60 years, charitable people just like you have turned to Akron Community Foundation to grow their charitable impact with a donor-advised fund. Today, we have more than 200 donor-advised funds that give back to the causes and charities dear to their donors’ hearts. See which local families and individuals have already established a fund with us. Your fund could be next!

Fund Name Year Established
Acorn Fund 2006
Addicott-Albanese Family Fund 2013
Allard Family Fund 1993
Suzanne and Mitch Allen Family Fund 2012
Mark and Michele Allio Family Fund 2009
Sue and Mal Ames Fund 1994
Rennick and Dee Andreoli Family Fund 2009
Rev. Dr. Byron Arledge Fund 2012
Howard Atwood Family Fund 2009
Sandy K. and Mark S. Auburn Fund 2003
Steven Baach Charities Fund 2009
Tom, Mary and Becky Babcox Family Foundation Fund 2018
Bailey-Culp Family Fund 2009
Bruce S. and Sandra S. Bailey Family Fund 2014
Marilyn and Tom H. Barrett Fund 1993
Edward and C. Georgene Bayer Fund 2014
Beacon of Light Initiatives/Wings of Eagles Fund 2012
Belair Family Fund 2009
Suzanne C. and Charles L. Bond Family Fund 2011
Charles E. and Mary K. Booth Family Fund 1989
James D. and Mary Jo Boyes Fund 2014
Rob and Alyssa Briggs Fund 2014
Brockman Family Fund 2017
Brown Family Foundation Fund 2017
Thomas J. and Megan E. Bruno Family Fund 2012
Marilyn Meyers Buckey Family Fund 2013
Lisle M. Buckingham Endowment Fund 1988
H. Peter Burg Fund 2004
Alice J. Caniglia Fund 2015
Cantine-Nora Family Fund 2012
Carlson Family Fund 2004
Michael James Carmack Family Fund 2016
Linda and Jared Chaney Family Fund 2017
Cherotti Family Fund 2013
Child Care Leadership Fund 2009
Michael and Susan Ciccolini Family Charitable Fund 2014
Deborah Ciraldo Memorial Fund 2001
CIU Fund 1999
Colantone Family Fund 2014
Colby Wayne Enterprises Fund 2015
Hugh Colopy Memorial Fund 2003
Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation Program Fund 2013
Rebecca D. and William H. Considine Family Fund 2015
Kathryn Memorial Fund 2015
Dr. Milton N. Cooper and Family Fund 2011
Robert and Regina Cooper Family Fund 2011
Costa Family Fund 2013
Steven and Melissa Cox Family Fund 2012
Crain’s Cholangiocarcinoma Crew Fund 2012
DAF23 Fund 2016
Demas Fund 1998
Demboski Robinson Family Fund 2017
Kathryn Warther and Thomas William Dindo Family Fund 2013
Donaeā€™s Second Act Fund 2007
Donovan Family Fund 2013
Donovan Veterans Fund 2012
Peggy and John Dotson Fund 1995
Dougherty Family Fund 2016
Bud and Barbara Dunaway Family Fund 2016
Jim and Ann Durr Family Fund 2014
Medina County Stephen H. and Nancy D. Eibling Fund 1999
Elise’s Corner Fund 2015
Else Family Fund 1986
Emma and David Family Fund 2017
Bonnie L. and Ernest R. Estep Fund 1995
Chaker J. Fadel Fund 2015
Lorraine G. and Donald R. Fair Fund 1991
Farver Family Fund 2016
Feth Family Fund 2000
Suzanne and Peter Fielder Charitable Fund 2016
Fighting For Alyssa – FFA Fund 2015
Fir Hill Fund 2016
Friebert Family Fund 2012
Ed and Dorothy Gaffney Family Fund 1995
Bennett L. and Linda D. Gaines Fund 2016
GAR-Donor Advised Fund 1992
Jayne E. Garofalo Charitable Fund 2012
Thomas and Anita Gedelian Family Fund 2015
Rita and David George Family Fund 2016
Gerstenmaier Family Fund 2017
Giller Family Fund 1996
Donald L. and Clare G. Glaser Fund 1993
Thomas L. and Margaret M. Gower Fund 2010
Thomas L. Gower II Fund 2013
Priscilla Graham Fund 2008
Guerrero and Duby Family Fund 2005
Halkovich Family Charitable Fund 2015
Patricia Hansel Fund 2017
Hanselman/Myers Fund 1994
Dorothy Y. and Westi Hansen Fund 1995
Franklin C. and Patricia R. Harrah Fund 2013
Hart Family Fund 2017
Richard W. Hauman Family Fund 2001
Hauser Family Fund 2016
Frank D. Heckel Fund 2005
Jennifer Hendryx Fund 2017
Cathy Hilkert Fund 2013
David & Phyllis Hilkert Fund 1993
Mark Hilkert Fund 2004
Juanita M. Hollis & Margaret L. Seitz Fund for the Support of Individuals with Intellectual & Physical Disabilities 2014
Homestead Insurance Agency Inc. Fund 2001
Hood Family Fund 2016
Hudak Family Fund 2005
The David and Margaret Hunter Fund 2014
Immel Family Fund 2016
Judith and Clifford Isroff Fund 1995
Dr. Tom and Mary Ann Jackson Fund 1996
Jacobs Family Fund 1995
Jefferson Fund 2014
Steve Johnson and Laurie Zuckerman Family Fund 2014
Herbert A. and Jean S. Jones Charitable Trust Fund 2003
Jones Family Fund 2017
Kanfer Family Fund 2015
Katz and Kittens Fund 2017
Margaret D. Kaufman Fund 1995
Bryan and Susan Kinnamon Family Fund 2012
Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund 1988
Tom and Ginny Knoll Family Fund 2015
Koblenzer Family Fund 2010
Paul J. and Susan B. Kruder Family Fund 2001
Labuda Family Fund 2018
LAD Fund 1993
Lake Pointe Fund 1998
Tom and Jeanne LaRose Fund 2007
Glenn and Karen Leppo Family Fund 2012
Lawrence and Christine Levey Family Fund 2015
Liesem Family Fund 2012
John and Regina Lindeman Family Fund 2017
Eleanor and Roger Lindway Family Fund 2005
David and Janice Logsdon Charitable Fund 2015
Bill and Anne Lowery Family Fund 2015
William and Angela Lowery Family Fund 2015
Kate Lieberth Lytton Education in Dance Fund 2018
MAH Fund 2014
Robert W. and Paula S. Malone Family Fund 2003
Michael J. Marz Charitable Fund 2017
Mascio-Medzie Family Fund 2014
Barbara D. Mathews Ladybug Fund 2009
Maxen Family Fund 2015
Beatrice K. McDowell Family Fund 2013
Medina County Holland Group Fund 1997
Marc and Sharon Merklin Family Fund 2002
Merryweather Family Fund 1995
Robert A. and Jean C. Meyers Family Fund 1998
Millican Family Fund 1993
The Mitten Fund 2010
George Nahmi Family Fund 2018
Harvey and Kimberly Nelson Family Fund 2011
Newkome and Saunders Family Fund 2015
Marissa Alexandra Norwood Legacy of Kindness Charitable Giving Fund 2010
Gertrude F. Orr Trust Advised Fund 2004
Jan and George Parry Fund 1991
Paul Davis Akron Fund 2015
Charles and Patricia Perrin Family Fund 2015
Mary Varalli-Perry and John Perry Fund 2007
Cindy and John T. Petures, Jr. Family Fund 2008
Peter Piglia Family Charitable Fund 2007
Post-Coleman Fund 2013
William and Ginny Post Family Charitable Fund 2015
Ernest E. and Mary Kay Pouttu Fund 2006
Preservation of the Abolitionist Movement Fund 2007
Emma E. & Clarence A. Randall Fund 1986
Read Family Fund 1986
Scott T. Read Family Fund 2017
Redmond Family Foundation Fund 2016
Remington Family Fund 2017
Rice Family Fund 2012
Joan Rog-Friend of Wildlife Fund 2015
Richard and Alita Rogers Fund 2017
Kathy Moses Salem Philanthropic Fund 2017
Schloenbach Family Fund 2013
Schrank Harkey Fund 2017
Seagren Family Fund 2015
Brian J. Sebastian Fund 2017
Sandra F. Selby Fund 2011
Shaffer-Totaro Fund 2016
John and Lorraine Shannon Family Fund 2012
Shapiro Family Fund 2017
Cherie and Steve Shechter Charitable Giving Fund 2013
Siess Family Fund 1997
Siff Family Fund 1 2016
Siff Family Fund 2 2016
Silver Bullet Fund 2015
Cynthia L. Slezak Fund 2014
Bruce & Harriet Smith Foundation 2013
Snell Family Fund 2016
Carl E. Snyder Innovation Fund 1993
SRS Fund 1996
Steere Family Fund 2014
Barbara Steinkerchner’s Giving Legacy Fund 2011
Strayer Family Fund 2009
Strongsville Women’s League General Fund 2001
Summit Portage Area Health Education Fund 2010
Betty A. Sweeney Fund 2012
Tails of HOPE Fund 2004
This Town is My Town Fund 2017
Three Trees Fund 1997
Tifft Family Fund 2016
TJM/VPM Fund 2006
Urda Fund 1987
Chris and Kathleen M. VanDevere Fund 1993
David R. and Cheryl L. Venarge Fund 1999
M. Catherine and David C. Vernon Fund 1993
Von Zastrow Family Fund 2017
Waite Family Fund 2005
Anonymous Giving by Laura L. Wallerstein Fund 2017
Leo G. Walter III and Mary Ann Walter Family Fund 2014
Eric Michael Ward Fund for Wadsworth Against Substance Abuse 2015
Joseph R. and Candi S. Weber Family Fund 2017
Scott and Margaret Weiner Family Fund 2016
Jerry H. Welty Family Fund 2011
Wilkinson-Gudikunst Designated Family Fund 2007
Ted and Mary Ann Williams Fund 2015
John M. Wilson and Patricia Pacenta Family Fund 2013
Robert E. and Judy Everett Wilson Fund 2010
Edith and Milt Wiskind Fund 2000
Alan J. Woll Family Fund 2013
Merle and Nancy Worman Fund 2017
David L. and Margaret Scott Yeager Fund 1998
Zeleznik Family Fund 2012
Steven and Wendy Zimmerman Fund 2017
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